The newest innovation in Percussion Technology.

It's time to Throw Away Your Wingnuts!

What’s wrong with my Wingnuts?

          Short History of the Threaded Fastener

          According to Wikipedia, invention and use of the screw thread dates back to several hundred years BC.   However up until the invention of the cutting lathe in 1739 all threads were cut by hand and their usefulness depended on the skill of the craftsman.  Due to a lack of standardization, it was another 150 years before mass production of the nut and bolt as we know it today. 

          The Wingnut, introduced in the early 20th century, allowed the convenient use of threaded fasteners without using tools.   Now, a century later, the next major advance in this centuries old technology. . . 

. . .   The CYMBOLT®

What are the Benefits of using CYMBOLT®?

The Revolutionary New CYMBOLT® is a true game changer.  A completely new approach to using your cymbals that will enhance your ability to be more creative as an artist.  

*   With CYMBOLT®  Load-in and Load-out is easier and faster, and the reliable SureNut® technology keeps your cymbal action consistent time after time.

*   CYMBOLT® makes it easy to explore unique Stacking setups and all new FX combinations.  

*   Because you don't need top felts, your cymbals will have more tone and sustain.  

*   The patented CST® design will help protect your cymbals from "key-holing" and "spider-cracks".



Percussion Dynamics® llc, the parent of CYMBOLT®, was established in 2014 with the mission of designing a better method of cymbal attachment for Percussion professionals:

  -   Do away with the frustration of fumbling with wingnuts 

  -   Reduce wear at the cymbal mounting hole 

  -   Easily accommodate cymbal stacking and custom FX setups

The development of CYMBOLT® addresses all these issues allowing you to focus on your music.

(LP CYMBOLT® )....”They’re small, they’re sleek, they get out of the way. Your breakdown time is faster. When you hit the cymbal (the CYMBOLT®) lets it move freely. You guys should go check ‘em out!”

Jake Sommers
On Tour with Luke Combs

(CYMBOLT®) ....”super easy to use, super easy to install....Consistency is a big thing for me and these cymbals night to night are consistent. The cymbals move the same way, the tension’s the same. It make tear down/set up a breeze, super quick.”

Donnie Marple
Professional Drummer (Lee Brice)

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